Yoga Academy Wales

Although titled Yoga Academy Wales, please don't be confused by the grandiose sounding name; the operation is not a multifloored institution staffed by people bent into the shapes of pretzels all day, or levitating behind foyer desks (as nice as that would be) it is largely just Anna, a one (wo)man band- think Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, but with yoga mats and a lot of enthusiasm, as well as with the help of the surrounding community.  The "Academy" part was mainly a nod to that beloved picaresque Gulliver's Travels and its "Grand Academy Lagado" full of eccentric projectors and their projects that would make the Cambridge "Do ducks prefer showers or baths?" experiment seem like a reasonable enquiry, although the initial aim was to keep in mind the possibility of expansion and international collaboration, throughout the years, it has pretty much remained just a handful of classes a week at the local community centre, and now just two, with some private tuition alongside, as well as the occasional request for private trainings.

While qualified in India, Anna also had the benefit of studying under some excellent Swansea yoga teachers for the British School of Yoga qualification (yet to be completed).  The classes comprise all of what Hatha yoga is- breath work, meditation, asana (postural work), a little bit of mantra chanting, mudra hand gesture, a little philosophy occasionally included during meditation and nidra guided relaxation, most importantly leading to a greater sense of embodiment and unity.

Tuition blends intuitive and playful approaches, while still retaining a respect for tradition, and is responsively directed towards the needs and abilities of the individual. Yoga can provide so much; from fun, fitness, flexibility, and friendship, to a deeper experience of what you are beyond just being limbs, a body, a mind, revealing its and your truth through steady and dedicated practice.

Some of the most pleasurable aspects of yoga to be gained are its ability to nurture yet also provide growth and self empowerment to the individual. There is nothing like yoga for aiding you in standing on your own two feet, building self reliance, dealing with trauma, and all historic negativities. In fact it is now the foremost treatment for trauma (van der Kolk, 2015) and as is well known and testified; yoga is a complete system for wellness as well as an ancient spiritual discipline.  All classes differ in their own way and complimenting the more responsive classes, a beginner to advanced class  is available, completely accessible to all while encouraging students who want to develop their practice.

Anna Rivett (pictured) has been leading Hatha yoga classes for over seven years now, along with longer workshops, and making yogic food for her classes.  She has 23 years experience of personal practice, and is a fully accredited RYT 200 yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, as well as working towards accreditation with British School of Yoga.

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