"It was AMAZING like an oasis moment. Thank you. Definitely hope to come again."  Naomi, Swansea

"Anna has a good energy- both energising and calming." Brenda, Swansea

"Thank you, I never manage to relax like this outside of class."  Jungjoun, Swansea and Korea

"Thank you for all our marvellous, magical, Thursday morning yoga sessions.  What a gorgeous oasis of calm, relaxation and friendship you created for us all." Linda, Swansea, and Val, Devon

"Thank you for your inspiring yoga sessions, it was lovely spending time with you and other friends, I think for all of us it was a very therapeutic time."  Ilona, Swansea

"Thanks Anna, you've saved me a lot of money on hard drink and drugs!" Joel, Swansea

"It's a nice class." Dylan, Swansea

"Really enjoyed my yoga session today with the lovely Anna.  Anabelle's really enjoying the kids' classes too."  Catherine, Swansea

"Steph couldn't sleep so we did some of Anna's yoga relaxation exercises, then fell asleep cwtched up together listening to Allegri's Misereri on Classic FM. Really the most beautiful way to end a day." Beccy, Swansea

"It was so lovely today! I had so much I needed to do so could have easily missed it, but I went and so glad I did! I have since had such a productive day." Leanne, Swansea

"Your yoga sessions are so restorative.  Brings back life and deserved respect to my mind and body." Gita, Swansea

"I loved my first class, thank you. Keep me posted on any evening classes in or outdoors! Although it was lush under the trees."  Sarah, Swansea

"What a way to start the day! Thank you Anna." Anne, Swansea

"Thank you Anna for another fantastic yoga class!! Great way to start the day!!"  Sarah, Swansea​

"It was amazing!  Just what I needed.  Your voice and directions make it easy to follow. It's like having an injection of calm into the brain." Viki, Swansea

"I felt so blessed out after that session I floated home! Thanks sooo much,  I didn't realise how much I needed that." Lily, Swansea